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Legislative Agenda

Loyalty Tax Credit

We propose the creation of a NYS Tax Credit for qualified manufacturers based on a calculation of employment of New Yorkers: number of jobs, total payroll, and number of years in business.

NYS Manufacturers Intermediary Apprenticeship Program

We support the extension and expansion of the current $1.25M NYS Manufacturing Intermediary Apprenticeship Program (NYSMIAP).

NYS Senate Bill 7561A (O'Mara)

We support NYS Senate bill 7561A which would extend the zero percent income tax rate to all manufacturers in NYS - currently it only applies to C Corporations.

EZ Pass Discount for Transport of Manufactured Goods within NYS

We support a discounted rate on EZ Pass charges for manufactured goods being transported within NYS for processing, assembly, distribution or sale.

Housing Subsidy for Skilled Workers

New York needs ground-breaking legislation to promote our state as a destination for skilled workers. We propose that all employees at qualified manufacturing companies have 50% of their individual annual NYS payroll taxes be disbursed back to them as a housing subsidy to increase retention and attraction.